„In music, painting and in my daily life improvisation and spontaneity are very important to me. I have got to be on the move, constantly. Over the last years I have achieved what for me is an ideal lifestyle: I no longer reside, I commute with my travel bag and my instruments….between my studios in the country, Vienna, New York, Africa, Canada …“


Edith Lettner is one of those rare artists who excel in two diverse mediums, painting and music.

She is perhaps best known as a seasoned musician and composer (alto & soprano saxophone and duduk, a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument). Her musical genre is any music that fascinates her enough – Middle Eastern, Senegalese, South African, Cameroonian, Congolese, Armenian, Afghan, Kurdish, improvisational music and of course interpretive Jazz, the more complex the better. And it is here that her primary interest and exceptional musicality lies, with Jazz and improvisational music.

Her love affair with the Saxophone began early along with her unique training methods; as she describes it “I like to put myself in the middle of things and learn from there”. Edith traveled and collaborated and learned from musicians from all over the world. She also pursued her formal training with Leo Wright and Manfred Balasch in Vienna and Oscar Noriega and Patience Higgins in New York.

For years she had envisioned an open musical landscape within the jazz idiom for creative ideas without stylistic limitations. To that end she formed Freemotion in 2005, her own ensemble of likeminded Viennese musicians. Her band’s newest CD, Taking Off will be released in the Spring of 2018 in the US and Europe

She began exhibiting her oil paintings and water colors when she was 17, and she has continued to do so successfully to this day. She has exhibited widely and on three continents, Europe, Africa and North America with an upcoming exhibit in Canada in January, 2018. Click here for a list of her most important art exhibitions

Edith has traveled far and wide to perform her music and exhibit her paintings and to learn from others. Born in Linz Austria in 1964, Vienna became the principle base for her artistic pursuits  In 2011 she adapted New York as her second artistic home, and in 2017 she added Salt Spring island in western Canada to the list. When not traveling to gigs in other locations, she divides her time between these three ’homes’.


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